Toothache is uncomfortable. If you have a toothache, please contact us as soon as possible so we can find the cause and provide the necessary treatment. We sometimes see that a toothache abates without having the cause treated, but in the long term this may make the problem worse if you aren’t treated. Thus, we recommend you always contact us if you have a toothache.

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How Does a Toothache Develop?

There are a lot of causes behind toothaches but the most common one is cavities. However, you might not always feel pain with cavities. The toothache develops if the bacteria have reached the tooth bone itself.

Another well-known cause of toothache is an infection in the nerve of the tooth, for example inflammation of the root. Once again, because the bacteria sink in.

A third cause of toothache may be when you have new teeth coming but there isn’t enough space for them. This could be when you get a wisdom tooth, for example. But there are a lot of other reasons behind toothache, and no matter why you feel pain, we’re ready to help and treat you.

How Do I Prevent Toothache?

You can prevent toothache by practicing proper dental hygiene and go to your dentist regularly. We will take new X-rays on a regular basis, and thus, we will be able to spot cavities before they’re visible in the tooth. The regular check-ups are preventative, and this is where we have the opportunity to discover any problems and step in with preventative measures before the problem develops and becomes painful.

Advice Against Toothache:

Please contact us whenever you have a toothache to let us examine and treat you. In the meantime, you can reduce the pain by:

  • Avoiding using the tooth.
  • Keeping the area around the tooth clean by brushing your teeth, floss, and rinse your mouth.
  • Taking painkillers such as ibuprofen (Ipren) or paracetamol (Panodil) if you need to.
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