Plastic Filling

A plastic filling is typically done after drilling a cavity in a tooth. If the cavity isn’t treated and filled, it’ll grow deeper and become inflamed and painful. But plastic fillings are also used when treating small cracks in the teeth, broken teeth, and after root canal treatments. The filling helps protect the tooth against bacteria.

Why Choose a Plastic Filling?

Today, almost all fillings are done with a very durable plastic material. The plastic can be glued onto the tooth and will also help keep the tooth together and, thus, decrease the risk of cracks in the tissue of the tooth.

Previously, you used fillings of amalgam (so-called silver fillings), but this isn’t a great solution, not for people nor the environment. A plastic filling is also a much better choice cosmetically, as it won’t be visible. The plastic can be created in different nuances and shaped down to the last detail which means that a plastic filling will look very natural.

At Curaeos, we have a lot of experience with plastic fillings and will make sure you get a beautiful and natural result.

How Does a Filling Work?

After drilling the cavity, we fill it. First, we treat the tooth with a binding material which will ensure that the filling attaches itself to your tooth. Next, we fill the cavity with the plastic material which is condensed against the walls of the tooth to make sure the filling fits tightly. Finally, we light up the plastic with a lamp which starts a chemical reaction, hardening the plastic entirely.

When the tooth is done, we check the height of the tooth with occlusal paper. If it’s too tall, we will polish the filling until it fits perfectly in height. Finally, we will shape the plastic to make it look like a natural tooth and match the rest of your teeth.

Can You Replace My Silver Fillings?

Old silver fillings aren’t exactly decorative but more than that, an old silver filling might cause a tooth to crack or break. At Curaeos, we can replace your old silver fillings with modern plastic fillings which is a better and more durable solution. Furthermore, the plastic can be shaped to fit your tooth perfectly, and its colour can be adjusted to match the colour of your natural teeth.

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