Cosmetic Treatment

Crooked, discoloured, or worn teeth. There are many reasons to have cosmetic treatments. Therefore, cosmetic treatments cover various treatments, such as tooth adjustments, façade treatments, and the most common, teeth bleaching. The purpose of all of them is to create a beautiful set of teeth and, thus, a beautiful smile.

If you’re considering cosmetic treatments, we recommend you contact your Curaeos dentist for advice and guidance. At Curaeos, we have a lot of experience with cosmetic dental treatments, and we will be able to guide you through various solutions.

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Teeth Bleaching

The most common cosmetic treatment is teeth bleaching. It’s completely normal for the colour of your teeth to change over time. For example, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and much more will put their mark on your teeth.

If you want whiter teeth, teeth bleaching may be an option. There are different methods, and we recommend you turn to your dentist for advice to make sure you get the result you want. Read more about teeth bleaching here.

Tooth Adjustment

Very few people are born with completely straight teeth. Therefore, it’s completely normal to have one or several crooked teeth that you may want to have straightened. Tooth adjustment may be a solution, and at Curaeos, we will help you adjust your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. Read more about tooth adjustment here.


It’s completely natural that your teeth wear away over the years but for some, the wear is visible. Perhaps your teeth have become smaller or are shaped differently. A façade treatment may be a solution if you want to rebuild your teeth and, thus, get a harmonious set of teeth. We rebuild your teeth with a thin layer of porcelain glued to the surface of the tooth. You can get a façade treatment on just one tooth or on a row of teeth.

Replacing Fillings

While we no longer fill cavities with amalgam – also known as silver fillings – lots of Danish people have old silver fillings that aren’t exactly decorative. At Curaeos, we can replace your silver fillings with plastic or porcelain fillings which match the natural colour of your teeth.

Another reason to replace your silver fillings is that they wear out over time. Over the years, this may cause cracks in the tooth and thus make the tooth vulnerable. Therefore, it may strengthen the tooth to replace the silver filling with a plastic or porcelain filling. Read more about plastic fillings here.

Adjustment of Gums

The gums are also an important part of your smile. Some have very full gums while others think their gums aren’t full enough. At Curaeos, we can adjust your gums with a simple operation to make them suit your teeth and your smile.

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