Broken Tooth

Whether you’ve just cracked a tiny section of the tooth, or the entire crown of the tooth is broken, it’s important that you contact us as quickly as possible to get treatment. In some cases, you won’t feel any pain while in others, you’ll feel severe pain or tooth sensitivity.

A tooth may crack or break for various reasons and in various ways, and the treatment depends on how serious the damage is.


What Do I Need to Do If I’ve Broken a Tooth?

Please contact us right away, and we will determine how serious the damage is. The problem may become worse if you wait.

This you can do on your own:

  • Make sure to keep the mouth clean and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Save the broken-off piece of tooth. In some cases, we may be able to glue the pieces back together temporarily. Rinse the piece of tooth under running water and afterwards, keep it in a glass of milk or water. Alternatively, you can keep it in your mouth if you don’t have access to water or milk.
  • If the area where the tooth broke is bleeding, you can stop the bleeding with a piece of clean gauze or paper towels. Afterwards, you can cool it down with some ice in a clean dishtowel. This will bring down swelling and pain.

Why Does a Tooth Break?

There may be several reasons why a tooth would break. The tooth may have been strained by biting into something hard or receiving a blow.

Teeth, which are already weak, are more at risk of breaking or cracking. This could be a tooth after a root canal treatment, for example. Another well-known reason could be a large cavity in the tooth. The cavity may have weakened the tooth so much that part of the surface collapses and falls off.

Teeth with silver fillings can also have a tendency to crack because the material alternately retracts and expands which may lead to tension in the tooth. If the tooth is at risk of breaking, you can usually tell beforehand, and it might be advantageous to replace the old silver filling with a plastic filling or a crown to avoid the break.

Whether the break is small or large, we recommend you contact us immediately to let us assess the damage and treat you accordingly.


How Is a Broken Tooth Treated?

The treatment depends on how serious the damage is. First and foremost, we will assess the scope of the damage.

In some cases, we can repair the tooth with a filling but in more serious cases, a crown may be necessary. In cases where the tooth is broken and the nerve is damaged as well, it will be necessary to do a root canal and insert a crown afterwards.

If it’s impossible to save the tooth, we at Curaeos offer various solutions to replace the lost tooth. Read more about replacement of teeth here.