Bite Plate

Headaches, pain when chewing, sore jaw joints, and tension in the neck. If you sometimes wake up with headaches and tension in your jaw and neck, it might be that you grind your teeth or that you bite your teeth together in an uncomfortable way. A bite plate might rectify the problem.


What Is a Bite Plate?

A bite plate is a plastic plate which will relieve your chewing and jaw muscles if you, for example, have a crooked bite or grind your teeth. It does not stop you from grinding your teeth but prevents unnecessary wear on your teeth and helps your jaw muscles relax. If you have a crooked bite, you may also consider adjusting your bite with a teeth adjustment.

There are different kinds of bite plates, and we will help you find the one that is just right for your needs. At Curaeos, we will adjust the bite plate specifically to you and your teeth. The bite plate is manufactured from your dental impression to ensure that it fits your teeth perfectly.

How Do You Use a Bite Plate?

Most people use a bite plate at night since this is when you have a tendency to grind your teeth or bite your teeth together hard without noticing. Furthermore, there’s often a link between grinding your teeth and biting your teeth together hard.

Some choose to use the bite plate during the day as well to help their jaw muscles relax.

How Do I Get a Bite Plate?

If you suspect that you might be grinding your teeth or biting down in an uncomfortable way, we recommend you make an appointment where we will be able to assess whether it would be the appropriate treatment. If we believe that a bite plate could be a good solution, we will take X-rays as well as an impression of your teeth. These are used to manufacture your bite plate.

Two weeks after you’ve started using the bite plate, we recommend a follow-up appointment where we’ll check if the bite plate is placed correctly, or if it needs adjustments.

If you feel that the bite plate is loose, tilts, or in any way bothers you or feels uncomfortable, it’s important that you contact us so that the problem doesn’t get worse.


Advice for Using a Bite Plate:

  • A bite plate is only effective if you use it. Thus, it’s important that you remember using it to get the desired effect.
  • Be extra careful with your dental hygiene. Your teeth must always be clean when you insert the bite plate.
  • Keep the bite plate clean. The bite plate may attract bacteria so be sure to keep it clean at all times. To remove bacteria, the bite plate must be rinsed in water and brushed with a toothbrush (without toothpaste) every time you remove it as well as before you insert it.
  • Store it clean and dry. If the bite plate is wet or damp, bacteria will gather. Therefore, you must always store the bite plate in the supplied container.
  • Do not use toothpaste on the bite plate. Toothpaste may contain abrasives which might scratch the bite plate. These scratches may collect bacteria.
  • Do not use boiling water to clean. It might ruin the shape of the bite plate.