Price List

An overview of our prices at Curaeos Taastrup.

At Curaeos Taastrup, we always make a treatment plan and a cost estimate before beginning your treatment. Thus, we make sure that you’re well-informed about the process. Sometimes there are more than one solution to a dental problem, and in these cases, we will readily prepare several suggestions for you.

At large treatment procedures, we ask for 50% of the cost before we begin treatment and the rest of the cost after finished treatment.

Consultation Price
Examination, X-ray, and treatment plan 365 - 950 DKK
X-ray 148 DKK
Panoramic X-ray 632 DKK
Consultation without treatment 405 DKK
Crowns and Bridges Price
3-unit bridge From 13.800 DKK
Façade per tooth 5.583 DKK
Metal ceramic crown From 4.775 DKK
Gold crown 7.016 DKK
Full ceramic crown 5.583 DKK
Implants Price
First implant 12.929 DKK
First implant with crown 19.900,68 DKK
Abutment tit / Zir/td> 1.850 – 4.312 DKK
Bone construction 4.033 DKK
Sinus lift 6.338 DKK
Implant crown 6.526 DKK
Full ceramic implant crown 6.526 DKK
Dentures Price
Full dentures 7.604 DKK
Full dentures set 13.824 DKK
Unitor / skeletal dentures 10.111 DKK
Snap lock dentures on two implants 25.400 DKK
Snap lock dentures on four implants 39.800 DKK
Retainer incl. fitting 1.500 DKK
Temporary dentures 2.881 DKK
Soft bite plate 2.420 DKK
Hard bite plate 3.457 DKK
General Treatments Price
Plastic filling 1 surface (small molar) 950 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (small molar) 1.220 DKK
Plastic filling 1 surface (large molar) 1.064 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (large molar) 1.488 DKK
Root canal treatment 1 canal 1.124 DKK
Root canal treatment 2 canals 2.131 DKK
Root canal treatment 3 canals 3.138 DKK
Retrograde root filling / root resection 4.861 DKK
Fibre splint 1.124 DKK
Plastic construction under crown 749 DKK
Simple tooth extraction 325,81 DKK
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth 2.795 DKK
General Dental Care Price
Home teeth bleaching incl. splint 1.995 DKK
Examination and tooth cleaning 364,15 DKK
Tooth root cleaning 104,75 DKK
Treatment of periodontitis (examination,
treatment plus, e.g., 5 tooth root cleanings)
1.811,61 DKK
Sedatives 340 DKK

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