Acute Dental Care in Taastrup

Call us immediately if you are in need of acute dental care. No matter how the pain has started, it’s important that you are treated as quickly as possible, to avoid it worsening.

If you need dental care outside our opening hours, we’ll do whatever we can to schedule an appointment for you with the next available dentist. Furthermore, we have extended opening hours to allow for treatments, e.g., during the weekend.

We all know how painful a toothache can feel – and the pain can be caused by many different things but no matter what, the faster it is treated, the better the result, and the faster you’ll be pain-free again.

Outside Opening Hours

If you need acute dental care outside our opening hours, we will refer you to the emergency dentist.

You cannot book an appointment. Please note that payment is in cash. You can see the price list here. Don’t forget your yellow health card in order to be refunded.

Emergency Dentist, Oslo Plads 14, 2100 København Ø
Phone number: 3538 0251 – www.tandlæ

The Emergency Dentist is Open:
Weekdays between 20-21.30.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays between 10-12 and 20-21.30.

For further information, please see the emergency dentist’s own website.

Medical Help Line 1813

The medical help line should only be used for acute tooth damage that require immediate medical treatment as well as bleeding after operations in the mouth cavity. The medical help line is open at all hours.

The Most Common Causes Behind Acute Treatment

Broken Tooth

It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible, whether you’ve only cracked a tiny section of the tooth, or the entire crown of the tooth is broken.

A tooth may break or crack in several ways, and the treatment depends on what has happened and how serious the damage is.

Severe Tooth Ache

A tooth ache is always uncomfortable. You can regulate the pain with regular pain-relieving medicine. Some find that the pain subsides without having the cause treated but it’s still important that you have your teeth examined by a dentist. The problem risks becoming worse if you aren’t treated.

If you have a tooth ache, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to find the cause and provide the necessary treatment.


You can alleviate pain caused by infection by rinsing your mouth with chlorhexidine. We recommend always contacting a dentist if an infection has broken out in your mouth. Then we’ll ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen, and that you receive the proper treatment.


If you’ve been in an accident, please contact us immediately. You may risk the damage worsening if you wait.

If one or several of your teeth have been knocked out, completely or partially, please save the tooth or piece of tooth. Furthermore, make sure to keep the tooth or piece of tooth clean and damp. Keep it in a glass of milk or water, for example. Make sure to keep your mouth clean and rinse thoroughly with water.

Are you in pain?

– Call us immediately!

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