Curaeos Kronprinsessegade, Your Dentist in Copenhagen

Meet Our Team

Our competent team is always ready to help you. We treat each patient individually and always take needs and wishes into account.

Søren Schat-Holm
Søren Schat-HolmDentist
Karina Diba El-Sayed
Karina Diba El-SayedDentist
Peter Bødker-Petersen
Peter Bødker-PetersenDentist
Philipp Kollmann
Philipp KollmannDentist
Lars Nygaard
Lars NygaardDentist
Alexander Struve Bastian
Alexander Struve BastianDental Hygienist
Tabindah Munawar
Tabindah MunawarDental Hygienist
Janni Brøndum
Janni BrøndumTeam Manager
Teuta Gjinovci
Teuta GjinovciDental Assistant
Natalia Majkowska
Natalia MajkowskaDental Assistant
Ewelina Baron-Jackowska
Ewelina Baron-JackowskaDental Assistant
Sana Farooq
Sana FarooqDental Assistant
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer AlvarezDental Assistant
Maria Jørgensen
Maria JørgensenDental Assistant Trainee
Anne-Sofie Grensteen
Anne-Sofie GrensteenDental Assistant Trainee

About Curaeos Kronprinsessegade

Professional Treatment

With us, you’re guaranteed high quality at a fair price. As part of Curaeos, all our employees continuously receive further training and supplementary education to ensure we always have the latest knowledge within our profession.

We use modern equipment and treatment methods which help ensure that you, as a patient, receive the best, as well as the most pain-free, treatment. Naturally, we use materials of the highest quality. This to ensure that you get the best possible result.

A Personal Relation

For us, trust and good relations are essential. We always schedule plenty of time for your treatment, whether it’s a regular check-up or a large surgical procedure.

Our dentists have a lot of experience with dental phobia, and therefore, you shouldn’t be nervous or ashamed if you suffer from dental phobia. We will do our very best to make sure you feel safe, both before, during, and after your visit.

We recommend you tell us about your worries when you book your appointment. Then we will schedule extra time for you and, on the whole, do some extra work to ensure that you feel comfortable during your visit.

At Curaeos, we provide dental care of the highest quality. Our team of experienced dentists always put the patient first. We will always advise, guide, and treat competently and honestly to make sure you get the right treatment.

– Søren Schat-Holm, Dental Practice Manager at Curaeos Kronprinsessegade