Dentist in Copenhagen

– Welcome to Curaeos Kronprinsessegade

From the 29.06.2021, we’ve changed name from Dentin Clinic to Curaeos Kronprinsessegade.
You will still meet the same people at the clinic.
We’re the same. We’ve only changed our name.


Your Local Dentist, in Kronprinsessegade

Welcome to Curaeos Kronprinsessegade

At Curaeos Kronprinsessegade, we provide dental care of the highest quality. Whether you need regular check-ups or a more extensive treatment, our team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists are ready to help you. At Curaeos, our aim is that every patient leaves the clinic with a smile.

A Modern Clinic

We aspire to provide the best possible treatment for all our patients. Therefore, we keep constantly informed about new knowledge and techniques. Furthermore, we use the newest technology and modern treatments to help ensure that you as a patient has the best, as well as the most pain-free, treatment. Our dental clinic is comfortably furnished, benefitting both employees and patients. You will feel welcome at our clinic.

In the Middle of Copenhagen

You’ll find Curaeos Kronprinsessegade in Copenhagen K. If you travel by public transport, there’s just a five- or ten-minute walk to the clinic, depending on whether you travel with bus, metro, or train.

Our clinic is placed on the ground floor, providing easy access for walking-impaired, and furthermore, we have a ramp for wheelchair users.

The Good Experience

We believe that trust and good relations are important. Therefore, we make sure that you’re appointed to a regular dentist from your first visit. Together, you will make a treatment plan which will help ensure that you receive proper treatment. In this, we will also note if you have specific needs or wishes. Our goal is to ensure you have strong and healthy teeth for the rest of your life.


A tooth implant consists of a small titanium screw to replace the root of the missing natural tooth, making it an ‘artificial tooth root’.


Dentures are a replacement of one or several natural teeth. Dentures are of great help to a lot of people.

Teeth Bleaching

Bleaching of teeth is done on patients who want a whiter smile. Teeth bleaching may be done to reduce discolouration and yellowish stains, or simply to give patients a whiter, healthier smile.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a treatment where we remove the dental nerve and bacteria from the root canal of the tooth.

A root canal may be necessary in several different cases.

Patient-Centred Care

At Curaeos Kronprinsessegade, we always put our patients first. Our capable team will do their very best to ensure that all patients feel comfortable both before, during, and after a visit to the dentist.

Our dentists have a lot of experience working with patients suffering from dental phobia. Therefore, you can contact us without worry, and together we will work on conquering your fear. You will be in safe hands with us.

New Patient at Curaeos Kronprinsessegade

Curaeos ensures safety for you and your teeth. Our dentists will do their best to provide you with the ideal treatment – every time. If you’re considering a new dentist, please come visit us at the clinic. We’re flexible, have long opening hours, and great opportunities for acute dental care.

With us, your smile is the priority. We keep our patients centre-stage at all times, and our dentists know how important it is to be extra careful if, for example, a patient suffers from dental phobia.