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Are you on the look-out for a new dentist? The Curaeos dentists are the right choice.
Modern clinics in most parts of Zealand, and we treat all kinds of dental problems.
If you’re a patient already, it’s easy to contact us if you need treatment.


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Curaeos’ dentists are ready to help, whether you need a regular check-up, a more extensive dental treatment, or a cosmetic dental treatment.

Curaeos has modern clinics which help ensure high quality as well as new and better treatment methods. Our highest priority is that you receive the right treatment at a fair price. We guarantee that our dentists focus on comfort and take extra care with patients suffering from dental phobia. Every day, our dentists do their best to ensure that all patients leave the clinics with a smile.

Curaeos is a safe choice for you and your teeth. We look forward to seeing you.


For Dentists

We Accept Referrals

At Curaeos, we accept referrals within, among others, endodontics, orthodontics, surgery, X-rays, and prosthodontics.
If you, as a dentist, wish to refer patients to Curaeos, please see an overview of our clinics here.

Employed at Curaeos

At Curaeos, we emphasise supplementary education as well as both professional and personal development. This, we believe, is a prerequisite for offering our patients the best possible treatment. Therefore, we have our very own educational centre; Curaeos Academy in Copenhagen. The purpose is to ensure that all Curaeos’ clinics have the opportunity to provide the same high standards. It’s essential that all dentists, dental hygienists, and clinical assistants master their professions to perfection and, likewise, that all employees have the opportunity to continuously gain new knowledge and evolve.

It’s important to have the right technological solutions at the clinics. Therefore, we continuously invest in equipment to optimise the daily work for all of Curaeos’ dentists, dental hygienists, and clinical assistants.

Patient-Centred Care

At Curaeos, we provide dental care of the highest quality. Our experienced dentists always put the patient first. We make sure to advise, guide, and treat competently and honestly to ensure you always get the right treatment. At Curaeos, we don’t want to create an unnecessary need for dental care. We strive for clinics where you are treated as little as possible but as much as necessary.

Care, safety, and the comfort of our patients are high priorities. Therefore, our dentists make an extra effort to ensure that all patients are comfortable and well-informed both before, during, and after treatment. Furthermore, we understand the importance of informing and involving all our patients thoroughly when decisions are made in connection with treatments. This is the case with regular check-ups as well as more complicated surgical procedures. Going to the dentist should always be a good and safe experience.