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International Benefits – Local Anchoring

Curaeos is an international chain with 210 dental clinics spread over Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. The Curaeos name is a guarantee for you as a patient that the clinic works with the highest quality standards, the best materials, as well as the newest technology. All employees at Curaeos go through continuous training and supplementary education to be able to offer you the very best treatment.


Local Anchoring

Though we are part of a large international family, we maintain our local anchoring. We know that for you as a patient, your relation to your dentist or dental hygienist is the most important thing.

Continuous Development

Today, the dental profession is a highly specialised and technologically advanced profession in which developments happen rapidly. This requires continuous investments. Being part of Curaeos means that we are able to keep up and we can offer you, as a patient, dental treatments using the newest technologies, including digital solutions.

The Best Treatment

Technology is one thing; another is the skills of our dentists and dental hygienists. Therefore, Curaeos also runs our very own education centre called Curaeos Academy where the best international educators train our employees.

Thus, as a patient you’re ensured the very best treatment. A safe, professional, pain-free experience – using the newest technologies and the newest knowledge.


Curaeos Academy

We want to offer our patients the very best dental care at any time. Therefore, constant education and development are essential. Thus, since 2012, Curaeos has had our own educational academy: Curaeos Academy. Here, our employees have the opportunity to learn and improve, benefitting both the individual employee, our patients, and Curaeos as a chain.

We hold frequent conferences as well as a yearly congress to which all employees, from dentists to the administrative staff, are invited. Our focus is on a high professional level, and we are proud to always be able to present respected national and international speakers.

The Curaeos Academy offers among other things:

  • Lectures and training held by dental professionals
  • Knowledge sharing in professional groups
  • Intro days for new employees


Each year, all employees are invited to a congress organised by Curaeos Academy. Every year, an inspiring, topical, and instructive programme is created, crammed with exciting presentations from both national and international speakers. Moreover, there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange experiences and have discussions with suppliers and colleagues on the expo market.

How Curaeos Started

In 2010, a number of Dutch dentists set up DentConnect which today has changed its name to Curaeos. The dentists recognised an advantage in focusing completely on their patients and leaving the administrative burden to other specialists.

It is precisely this balance between clinical expertise and commercial insight which makes Curaeos the rapidly growing success it is today.

Curaeos has 210 dental clinics spread over Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

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