A Part of Curaeos

A New Direction in Your Work Life

If you are an owner of a clinic, it might be worth considering changing direction and content in your work life and become part of Curaeos. We grow through both establishing new clinics and buying up existing ones.


Today, as an owner of a clinic, you’re responsible for a number of tasks, apart from being a dentist. These might be administration, recruiting, finances, marketing, purchasing, management, as well as training and educating your employees. It’s exciting to build your own company and make your own decisions. However, all the mentioned tasks and responsibilities take time away from the thing that most clinic owners are passionate about, namely helping your patients maintain healthy and problem-free teeth.

When you’re a part of Curaeos, you will be free to focus entirely on your patients and your work as a dentist while we handle all the tasks that aren’t centred around the patients. Thus, you and your employees will have more time for your patients.

By working with the chain, you will be free from administrative burdens, national hygienic policies, radiation hygiene reports, chemical risk assessments, and numerous other requirements from the authorities. You will also be free from budgeting, accounting, filing taxes, reporting salaries, health benefits, parental leaves, and much more in the same vein.

Curaeos means collaboration. We collaborate by splitting the work between us so that we each do the part we’re best at.

At the same time, you will have easy access to skills development, and the chain will be of help with funds when you need to invest in new technology.

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Become a Part of Curaeos

With Curaeos, you will become part of a chain with a strong focus on professional and personal development. We believe this is one of the prerequisites for giving our patients the best treatment possible.

Therefore, supplementary education is essential for Curaeos. We’re proud to have our own education centre, Curaeos Academy, in Copenhagen. The purpose is, among other things, to ensure that all of Curaeos’ clinics provide the same high standards. Moreover, we believe that it is essential for all dentists, dental hygienists, and surgery assistants to master the dental profession to perfection, and at the same time, to provide opportunities for continuous training and development for all employees.

The benefits of choosing Curaeos:

  • Knowledge sharing in a strong network of like-minded
  • An economically attractive partnering model
  • An expansive framework for professional and business development
  • Full focus on dental care due to our Shared Service Center
  • More time for your patients – less time on administration
  • Curaeos Academy ensures the professional development of your employees
  • Access to the best equipment on the market and advantageous global supplier deals

We know that transferring your clinic can be a difficult decision. Let’s discuss how you can become part of Curaeos in the best possible way. Please contact us for a non-committal talk. We will, of course, treat your inquiries with confidentiality.

How to Transfer Your Clinic

It’s a huge decision to sell your clinic. At Curaeos, we have a lot of experience with buying and taking over clinics and we consider ourselves a partner, not just a buyer. We know that your decision to sell is about more than finances and we will do our best to ensure that both you and your employees have a good start in the new partnership.

How Transferring Your Clinic Works:

  • 1. Dialogue

    We discuss wishes, needs, and ambitions, as well as figure out whether we’re a match.

  • 2. Quotation

    Together, we will review your clinic’s numbers and information. Afterwards, we will prepare a quotation. When both parties are in agreement, we’ll sign a letter of intent on the sale.

  • 3. Analysis

    We will prepare a thorough analysis of the clinic’s finances, equipment, inventory, supplier deals, contracts, and all legal commitments. Together, we will create a complete overview of the value assessment.

  • 4. Agreement

    We prepare and sign a sales agreement. We agree on how to inform employees and patients, as well as when the clinic officially enters into a partnership with Curaeos. We will ensure that the sales process is as seamless as at all possible.

  • 5. Our partnership begins

    Our partnership can now begin. We will meet your team at the clinic and discuss how the team from Curaeos can support the clinic. Together, we will ensure a gradual integration of your clinic into the organisation.

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